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I want to say I love this game. The plot is great, the writing is fitting, the characters are all extremely likable, and the MC has a lot of personality for an otome game. I'm sure it will be great once it's complete. 

That said, Act I is just an introduction to the world and (some, not all) ROs. The story is just barely getting started by the end of Act I. When it ended it left me feeling frustrated, for a number of reasons. (THAT ending, aargh.)

If the other Acts hold up as well, this could easily become the best otome game ever for people  like me who like their dating sims on the angsty side. 

I definitely want to see how Elfriede's story continues.

Thanks for your kind words! Yep, the story arc for Act I could be considered an in-depth introductory chapter, whereas Act II focuses mostly on Elfriede's experiences now that she's made it to the front. (Incidentally, Act II is also the longest episode, ha.) I hope you enjoy it when it's out~!

[I bought this on Steam because it was available there first. This is a copy of my review from there]

A neat WWI-flavored game that deals with a heavy topic: how people are able to live meaningful lives in a world menaced by something as meaningless as war. Of course romance is an option, but it's not the only one. There's a fair amount of humor to balance out the mood, which is nice, and the writing quality is good; I took a number of screenshots to show my friends in IRC, which is my usual yardstick for how much I enjoy a game's story. (Also, "please calm down" should be a choice in all dating sims.) Characters are complex and there's a great variety of them, so there's sure to be at least one to suit anyone's tastes. Gerhardt was my personal favorite, but a few others (like Wolf) unexpectedly grew on me. Walter's route is also a fantastic idea that took me by surprise. The Battles of Wits are enjoyable, although they're a bit on the easy side. I'm eagerly awaiting the second act.


Impressively well-written, every line is so informative so efficiently in a quaint old-timey dialect, the heavy topic is carefully balanced and accentuated by much-appreciated humour that always hits and is very endearing to characters that are already very likeable and whose roles are a great, varied portrayal of pretty much every type of person that could be in this situation and really do feel like their own individual with thought processes that are well-founded. Elfriede is a lovely, silly yet smart protagonist and a breath of fresh air in the otome genre, or any media for that matter. Revolving the story around the instigator to the south is also a refreshing way of handling a topic many are familiar with. Uniquely charming and thoughtfully crafted.

There is a lot of interesting characters in here. I liked it quite a lot, it's both hearthwarming and heartwrenching story. I cant wait to see next act.

Is there a demo available?

There is no Act I demo, as it was difficult to cut out a short chunk that worked outside of the narrative (or was in any way representative haha).

(There used to be some 'demos' a couple of years ago, but only in name - they were more like extremely unpolished WIPs of the entire act. More info on that here, if you're interested in the glow-up. ^^)